Coating Equipment

The equipment issue is fairly easy.  The only viable manufacturer of dip-spin equipment is Spring Tool (, now called STC Technologies; a subsidiary of Peterson Spring).  One painter I know bought an Italian machine, and told me that it was the right thing to do, but he wouldnít do it again (whatever that might mean).  Heís no longer in business. He bought the dip-spin machine for nearly a million dollars and sold it less than a decade later for $8000. I donít think that in the near future any other equipment manufacturer will get into this business and make a success of it - at least for large machines.

For small quantities of parts and for experimental work, the Ronci Machines are excellent (


Other Equipment

You may need a grit blaster or a bead blaster to go with a dip-spin paint system.  Another approach is to zinc phosphate the parts prior to paint application.  In the old days, people believed that you couldnít use a phosphate coating as a barrier between the coating and the metallic substrate because it eliminated the conductivity you need for a sacrificial coating.  I donít know if people still believe this but there are a lot of zinc-rich coatings applied over dry phos. There are many firms that make this kind of equipment, but one that has positioned itself as a supplier of ancillary equipment to the dip-spin machines is WMV (